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About us

Datagen is one of the India’s leading API service providers and has been confidently serving a large number of clients from almost all kinds of business domains for the last 8 years. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals put in perpetual endeavours to satiate our client’s needs for customised business solutions.

Tried and true API

Fast , Generic and Secure API. Tailor-made for all your projects.

Trusted by 10,000+ clients

By our collective efforts we have succeeded in earning the firm faith of our clients in Datagen.

Solid Platform

Our Robust and sturdy Platform is especially developed for handling huge Volume.


Text To Speech

Convey any critical notification to your users and send voice messages simply by typing a text msg.






Integrate our SMS API into your Application, Website or software and stay connected with your ultimate clients to have an incredible experience with them.

Voice API

Incorporate our fast and lucid voice API with your system and give more power to your business.





Two-factor Authentication

Safeguard your application and confidential data from Internet felony with this two step verification process by adding an additional layer of safety.

Email Validation

Datagen Introduces its supreme Email Validation checker to confirm whether the Email address truly exists or not.

Looking for SMS and Voice API ?

Why Embrace Datagen?

Global Connectivity

Direct connectivity from 200+ Operators all across the Globe.

Failover feature

The system switches the route in case any fault is detected by it. This automated system helps in seamless functioning and doesn’t require any manual intervention.


Our extensible platform is capable of serving innumerable users without any hindrances. A scalable platform is the key to incremental growth for any Entity.

Happy to help

Round the clock dedicated tech support. Our Technical Team is constantly at your service whenever you need us.

Advancing Development

We constantly aim for developing every single aspect of our products and services and invest in mutual growth. We believe in Sustainable development.

Developer’s Partner Program

Datagen proposes a mutually beneficial

program called “Developer’s Partner Program”

for all the web developers across the globe.

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